Kira arms out

Kira was born into this world to be a songwriter. Her love of music began in the womb. Listening to Mozart in the womb was supposed to make Kira good in math, but instead of mathematical intelligence the seeds of musical intelligence were planted.Kira spent her early years listening to every genre of music imaginable. Her world was filled with Louie Armstrong and Nat King Cole, classical and opera, Yanni and Enya, Gypsy Kings, 80’s and 90’s pop, and the current chart toppers. She listened, and she learned something from all of them, which is why her music is so unique and hard to pigeonhole into one specific style.

Kira is a natural wordsmith, with an ability to convey deep emotion through her lyrics that is far beyond her years. It has always been this way. When she was only in grade 2, she spent hours writing lyrics for a Yanni instrumental. No one would ever have guessed it was written by a child, as the words matched the melancholy feel of the music wonderfully. In grade 3 she got her first keyboard, and the world of songwriting really opened up. With her very strong play-by-ear ability, she immediately began putting original melodies together.

Eight years later, Kira’s music has evolved to the polished sound you now hear. She is a prolific songwriter with dozens of original compositions under her belt. Last year she began working with Hopia Music Productions, and Dave Hopia has really helped her put it all together. He has taken her from creating solo piano pieces, to a complex multi instrument sound.

Kira is currently completing high school on line to allow her the flexibility to spend time in the studio. She is part of two church bands, and has worked as a wedding and special event performer. Recently she began teaching herself how to play the ukulele. Outside of these music related activities, Kira enjoys spending time with her dog- appropriately named ‘Melody’.